New colums of Ralph in ‘Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften’ now online (in German language)

26 May

The latest columns of Ralph in ‘Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften’, the biggest quarterly magazine on sustainability in German language, are now also online.

GRI G3.1, G4 und IIRC – oder was?

describes the development continuum from the newest version of the GRI Guidelines towards G4 and integrated reporting. Whereas G3.1 just fulfils the requirements set out by the GRI board in 2006 (focus on materiality principle, gender, community investments, and human rights), G4 is a different game and needs to absorb new developments (being standard ready, define micro/macro links, adapt indicator design architecture that is ready for the new technical developments in  information transmission, e.g. XBRL, Bloomberg/Reuters, and diversified stakeholder group interests). The IIRC needs to first think about what scope and purpose reporting is actually good for before defining archtecture and design of requirements!

Sputnik Moments – Dem echten Wandel spielend einen Schritt näher kommen!

describes new ideas to tackle systemic change through serious gaming. Expecting 1.5 billion daily gamers by 2020 serious gaming promises to have the necessary prerequisites to help find out ‘epic wins’ (systemic change in gaming language). There are hopeful initiatives and a new platform to consolidate ideas of games that ‘help to save the world’, namely It seems like these new communication channels can excite more crowds than political vacuums. Game on and contribute to a better planet!


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