‘A journey to the North Stars’ – Ralph’s newest column in forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften (in German)

28 Jan

The latest column is following up on the column ‘Leaving the cuddly corner’ in forum edition 4 of 2013, clarifying what sustainable innovations really are, seen the macro-developments that undermine a shift towards a more green & inclusive economy. The new column covers the ingredients towards true sustainable transformation and presents a mental mind shift model in which corporate culture and systemic thinking are preconditions to allow moves towards a ‘net positive impact’ commitment. The examples of Kingfisher, InterfaceFLOR, and recently IKEA, Unilever or Puma are signposts of this coming mind shift. Both columns 4/2013 and 1/2014 round up and describe first thoughts that lead to the idea around ThriveAbility, more can be found here in the category blog posts under the heading ‘Thriveability’, and more in-depth material can be found at

The pdf of this latest column of ‘Der T(h)urmblick’ can be found here: FNW_2014_01_Thurmblick.


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